Detektiv Bureau Chicago
Cats + Bats (Studio Show)
Chicago September 2012

CatSpend Some Time TogetherSpend Some Time TogetherWicked Park / Spend Some Time TogetherObjectsObjectsBatBatBatBatFixing AbeFixing AbeFixing Abe ScreenshotFixing Abe ScreenshotFixing Abe ScreenshotFixing Abe ScreenshotFixing Abe ScreenshotFixing AbeAugust 25, 2012Bats / August 25, 2012MirrorsWicked ParkWicked ParkPlanClean Money

Cats and Bats (Studio Show)
Chicago 2012
Detektiv Bureau

On September 27th we transformed our apartment (which is our studio, at the same time) in an exhibition space to presented some work we did since our arrival in Chicago in the beginning of August.

Fixing Abe, "If It’s Part Broke, Half Fix It*", 2012
video, 7:28 min
installation: Wood, tape, brick, stone, recorder, plastic statue

*Margit Säde Lehni, 2011?

Short movie about us fixing a broken plastic statue of Abraham Lincoln.

Spend Some Time Together (working Title), 2012
drawing, selection of 55 drawings from 280, Ink pen on paper, letter size

Drawings of everyday objects mostly consumer goods. It is a study of the surface of american products and at the same time it is an ongoing diary and portrait of our stay in Chicago.

Objects, 2012
acrylic paint, several materials

Bats, 2012
wood, acrylic paint

Cat, 2012
wall drawing,

Bat, 2012
acrylic paint, wooden stick, plastic rope

Wicked Park, 2012
plaster, glass, wood

25th, August 2012,
40 photographs,
inkjet prints, cardboard, wood

The pictures were taken the night of Neil Armstrongs death.

House (study), 2012
sculpture, cardboard, wood, inkjetprint

"House" is part of an ongoing research about surfaces and rendered objects.

Hand, 2012
plastic glove, foam, acrylic paint, wire

Hans Arp's Bed Post, 2012
Wood, paint

Plan, 2012
drawing, pencil

Fortune, 2012
cleaned coins