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Au revoir!ⓝ  04 December 12

Last Duty… (And Entry 100)ⓝ  02 December 12

Roomⓝ  02 December 12

Meetingⓝ  02 December 12

Bonne nuit!ⓝ  30 November 12

Thank You Guys!ⓝ  30 November 12

Look What We Have For You!ⓝ  28 November 12

All those very usable and precious goods are supposed to be prices at our exclusive raffle! Our “Glücksfee” Beatrice is going to draw the numbers at 8pm. We’re looking forward to see you later!

Walk On The Abandoned Tracksⓝ  25 November 12

gerber glass & auto collision centerⓝ  25 November 12

Bon soir! IIIIⓝ  24 November 12

The Beanⓝ  23 November 12

The Bean remains worth a visit now and then. Today we showed it to our friends Beatrice and Mario who are visiting us for a few days.


Thanksgivingⓝ  22 November 12


Au Revoir!ⓝ  19 November 12

We kindly invite you once more to visit us at our place on Damen/Iowa, this time for a late afternoon good-bye-party.

Mathis is going to bake a traditional german (pre) christmas cake and I will make some hot wine with spices. Just drop bye! This time the front door will be accessible again and we’ll hear the doorbell if you push the “Swiss-Studio” button.

Maybe there will also be some work we did or material we can’t take back which you can adopt if you find some use for it!

Wednesday 28th of November, from 3pm to 10pm, at 903 N Damen Ave, ring at “Swiss Studio”

Bon matin! Vⓝ  19 November 12

“There Will Be No Butter In Hell”ⓝ  18 November 12

Spoiled With Really Good Weather…ⓝ  16 November 12

“Al Capone” & The First Indoor Fire Of The Yearⓝ  16 November 12

Bon soir! IIIⓝ  16 November 12

Drawing #400ⓝ  14 November 12

I continue to make these drawings.

Sightseeing…ⓝ  13 November 12

(actually, the weather is not aways that good anymore…)


Thank You! IIⓝ  13 November 12

Recent Walks In The Neighborhoodⓝ  13 November 12


MDW Performanceⓝ  12 November 12

For the performance “Zeitgeist” we’ll put up another static page in the project section soon!

Thank you Joseph and Christian for having us!

MDW Expoⓝ  12 November 12

Thank you Carron and Anette for having us!

Two Days at MDWⓝ  11 November 12

Performance at MDWⓝ  10 November 12

We perform the piece “Zeitgeist” on Sathurday 10th, 12pm-2pm at the MDW Fair on 2233 South Throop Street on the first floor at the dfb space. Other work is to see at the booth #211.

Random IIⓝ  10 November 12

Documentation Of The Caveⓝ  08 November 12

The  documentation of the cave project, is now online in our project section in the top right corner ↗ of this page. To see it click on the symbol beside the black cat or here.
It’s unfortunately a super messy coding there, so it probably won’t work properly on other applications than Safari — So if anybody has the skills and mood to tell us why please don’t hesitate giving us a hint!

Randomⓝ  07 November 12

“Yes, Your Child Is A Rock Star!”

“Used OK’d Car”

Our Friend Claudia’s Studio Show on 8th of Novemberⓝ  05 November 12

Mathis helped our friend Claudia Bauer who is the current austrian artist in residence to put up her large scale paintings for her studio show next Thursday 8th of November. It will be on 1371 N Milwaukee Ave from 5pm until 10pm

Great Evening #2 First Show at BIG FOREVERⓝ  05 November 12

Again at BIG FOREVER (and certainly not for the last time)

We brought the rest of Mathis’ baseball shaped birthday cake with us-


Great Evening #1 (Bits And Pieces)ⓝ  05 November 12

Bits and Pieces moved further south at 1430 Washtenaw. After our first visit there, we feel almost at home at BIG FOREVER, Kathy, Shelby, Mike and Julie’s new house, where they are going to host different events.

Thanks Sofia and Kathy and all the performers- we love Bits and Pieces!


Good News!ⓝ  01 November 12

We are super exited to receive the opportunity to travel for two month (february and march 2013) with the “Pfeifer Mobil” and realize our project “Hans im Glück”. Thank you Otto Pfeifer Foundation!

Reminiscencesⓝ  31 October 12


Out Of Townⓝ  29 October 12

Yesterday I went out of town for the first time and travelled to the “Indiana Dunes”, a two hour train ride. You could see the Skyline of Chicago at the horizon. By the way, we’ll put up some pictures from the cave-project soon.

Prepare For The Show II (The Cave)ⓝ  24 October 12

Tomorrow 25th of October from 5pm until as long as it last’s we invite you to our second studio show “The Cave”. It’s on 903 N Damen Ave (Damen/Iowa) at the Swiss Studio- We’re looking forward!

ps. We’ll have beer, home-made bread and soup…

Bon matin! IIII (Pigeon Parade)ⓝ  23 October 12

Around Chinatownⓝ  22 October 12


Open House Chicagoⓝ  15 October 12


Substitutionⓝ  09 October 12

Today we went to “Home Depot”, where we were looking for an other “Snickers” bar with almonds, but there was no more of them! That’s why we bought a “Whatchamacallit” as a substitution. We didn’t eat it yet because Nadine wants to draw it and it contains peanuts anyway. Later we went to Whole foods and spend all our money on healthy food. We also bought an expensive piece of swiss cheese– real swiss cheese from Switzerland!
Then we went back home–

Wool Socks…ⓝ  06 October 12

Bonne nuit!ⓝ  06 October 12


Hello Autumn!ⓝ  05 October 12

Images of Cats and Batsⓜ  01 October 12

You’ll find the static page of this documentation for ever in our new project section in the top right corner ↗ of this page. The cat will guide you! [see]


Diggin’ out treasures from the past!ⓜ  01 October 12

It was always a pleasure attending the ideas of monavale.

Full Moonⓝ  30 September 12

Bonne nuit!ⓝ  29 September 12

Thank You!ⓝ  28 September 12

We really appreciated your company! Pictures of the evening and the show are coming soon…


Prepare For The Showⓝ  26 September 12

“Cats & Bats” tomorrow 27th of September from 3pm until as long as it lasts
at our studio (903 N Damen Ave) ring at “Swiss Studio”. We’re looking forward!


Bon soir! IIⓝ  23 September 12

NASA’s Satellite Sees Nadine Still Struggling to Become a Hurricaneⓜ  22 September 12

Use this link to track Nadines current State: NASA

Business Cardⓝ  20 September 12

Finally we have a business card!

At Expo Chicagoⓝ  20 September 12

Only $ 34.99ⓝ  20 September 12

Mathis’ Half-Full Beer At The Empty Bottleⓝ  18 September 12

Starting A New Series: Fries On The Pavementⓝ  15 September 12

Awesome Typography IIⓝ  14 September 12

Some pictures of shops on the way home from Logan Square.



At the MCA: Martin Creed Work No. 1092 (MOTHERS)ⓝ  14 September 12

Finally I made it to the MCA yesterday. Among other things they have a nice exhibition about skyscrapers, contemporary painting, a fishpond in the basement.

Look Up!ⓝ  14 September 12

Look Down!ⓝ  14 September 12

Autumn Greetingsⓝ  12 September 12

We Care For Your Fortuneⓝ  11 September 12

The performance “We Care For Your Fortune” we did on 7/9/12 on Milwaukee Avenue for the Out Of Site Series. We offered as a free service to the people to exchange their dirty money to the same amount of clean money, washed and polished by us.

Photos by Matthew Gregory Hollis (Thanks!)

Every customer got a receipt for the transaction.

Chicago teachers on strikeⓜ  11 September 12

And we landed in the middle of the rally. My teacher heart actually beats faster seeing this, since the discussion about budget cuts on education is no news for us coming from a country where a party like the SVP sits in the government. #CPS


Newsⓝ  10 September 12

Two Other Text Pieces…ⓝ  10 September 12

…I recently wrote, you can read here and here. Maybe we will use bits of them for a short film we are planning to do.

For Pussy Riot and JoJo Babyⓝ  10 September 12

Yesterday we accidentally participated in a lip sync performance by Sara and Aurora (blog). We moved for Pussy Riot at the after party of the book launch for the book “Getting In To Face” about Jojo Baby and Sal-E with pictures by Bernard Colbert.

Thank you Jamie Gannon for these pictures!

Out Of Site Chicagoⓜ  07 September 12

Bon soir!ⓝ  06 September 12


#2ⓝ  05 September 12


Studio Impressionsⓝ  04 September 12



Thank You! Drawing #180ⓝ  04 September 12

I’m still doing these line drawings of everyday objects.

Saturday-nightⓝ  02 September 12

We roasted marshmallows over an open fire in the yard of the New Capital Gallery and watched the longest train we’ve ever seen pass by.

Fly-Over-Country Iⓜ  02 September 12

That’s what they do on the other coast, while we do some serious art-business over here! And, seriously… what’s the bow about?

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No! it’s Super Mario!

Live from San Fran.

Bon matin! IIIⓝ  30 August 12

After The Question And Before The Answer IIⓝ  30 August 12

After The Question And Before The Answerⓝ  30 August 12

“Bits And Pieces” On Saturday Nightⓝ  26 August 12

We were lucky to attend “Bits and Pieces: A Monthly Salon for Ideas and Experiments” organized by Sophia and Kathy. The Series is taking place in the living room of their appartement somewhere around Logan Square. It was quite crowded, hot and pretty great!

Making Offⓝ  24 August 12

Junkfood And Today’s “Backyard-Beute”ⓝ  23 August 12

America (so far)ⓝ  23 August 12

I wrote about america (so far)

Mathis, Mathis Pfäffli!ⓝ  20 August 12

The friendly people of “It’s Nice That” did an interview with Mathis last week— have a look here. I’m pretty proud of my partner in crime… Yo man!

For Youⓝ  20 August 12

Blue Sundayⓜ  20 August 12

Bon matin! IIⓝ  19 August 12

What we’re allowed to do. Art.ⓜ  19 August 12

Awesome typography Iⓜ  19 August 12

Check out sharkula aka sharkilla aka thig aka thiggamagig aka the drunken barber !

w.i.p. IIⓜ  17 August 12

Bon matin!ⓜ  17 August 12

Spend Some Time Togetherⓝ  15 August 12

Since I have a hurting left foot and no bike anymore I did some more drawings: spend some time together

Beautiful places in Chicago Iⓜ  14 August 12

That’s for Nadines foot and for the car which broke her bike yesterday… at least there is some sunshine today!

Todays Purchase…ⓜ  14 August 12

Today at Village Discount Outletⓜ  12 August 12

Out of Site Chicago IIⓜ  11 August 12

Yesterday we helped again at the Out of Site Performance Series. This time the two Ladies from Mothergirl performed. All wrapped in flowers they were hidden in boxes and awaited passing people with a surprise, when they held their heads into the hole of the box. We watched a bunch of skater boys while they discussed for at least a quarter hour about who is gonna be the first to put the head in the box. [Out of Site Chicago]

Sketchⓝ  10 August 12

Halsted Street Chicago 1995ⓜ  09 August 12

Today we found an interesting movie about Halsted Street, which is reckoned as the backbone of Chicago. The movie relates to the 1934 picture, also called “Halsted Street”, by Conrad Friberg. Absolutely worth seeing it!

ⓜ  08 August 12

Out of Site Chicagoⓜ  05 August 12

Yesterday we helped out as volunteers for the Out of Site Performance Series. Performing a concept by Alexandria Eregbu, four people (Alexandria as one of them), were, dressed in white clothes, laying on the ground around “six corners” in Wicker Park. The action was finally ended by the police, since several people called the ambulance because of the assumed unconscious performers. [Out of Site Chicago]

We can’t escapeⓜ  02 August 12

w.i.p.ⓜ  01 August 12

Kari Altmann artist talkⓜ  01 August 12

We really enjoyed Kari Altmanns remarks on her work, which she made at her artist talk at 1084 N. Milwaukee, Chicago today. After the talk we went home to drink a beer and discussed a long time about the questions that came up because of her work. We specially liked the following video she presented. How unintended cryptic and somehow symbolic signs result by using touchscreen technologies!

Jemsheed Powerpoint Version for Global Art Forum 6 from Kari Altmann on Vimeo.

Just moved in!ⓜ  31 July 12

We just got into our home, which it will stay for the next four months. We found friendly wishes from our antecessors!

Come and visit us at

Swiss Studio
903 N Damen Ave
Chicago IL, 60622